Independent research.
Incisive insights.

Insights and research consultancy

CREDO verb: to believe, trust in, rely upon

I work with organisations to help them make better decisions about the things that matter to them.

My specialism is understanding human behaviour. Blending Behavioural Science and research to uncover the insights that drive change. Helping clients figure out the ‘so what’ and ‘what’s next’ – so they can move forward with confidence.

Whether it be exploring opportunities, testing ideas, diagnosing problems or looking for new solutions, I can design the most effective approach, then collect and interpret the findings. But most importantly, I will make sense of them. I’ll draw meaningful conclusions, and present insightful recommendations.

Good market research removes doubt
and aligns us to make better decisions.
It may surprise or confirm.
But above all, it gives confidence.’

Steve Colling


With a background in psychology, I’ve spent over 25 years researching many different things, for a wide range of organizations.

I’ve held senior positions on both the ‘client’ and ‘agency’ sides of research and am lucky enough to have worked around the world. From as far-afield as Bhutan to Brazil, Saudi Arabia to Sweden – bringing fresh insights to businesses, governments, and non-profit organisations.

My focus is upon understanding people – how they think, feel and behave. All within their wider cultural context. To help demystify why they make the decisions they do and anticipate what they are likely to do next.

'Steve provides extraordinary value. His approach to research is collaborative, open-minded, scientifically sound and very human. By connecting new insights to existing pieces of the strategic puzzle he helps us see the whole picture. Plus it's fun working with him.'
Klaus Niederländer
Director of European Innovation Partnership for 'Ageing well in a digital world'