Interview with Karen Lambert, VP Marketing (EAAA), Interface

The events of the past 18 months have caused many of us to pause and reflect. To question things that we once took for granted. They have highlighted the upsides and downsides of the deeply interconnected world in which we live.
In a recent interview with Karen Lambert, vice president of marketing EAAA at Interface, I asked about the impact the pandemic has had on her own beliefs.
Karen focuses upon the theme of connection – both with one another and our environment. She talks of the need to prioritize those things that really matter. And how she’s been inspired to act with a greater sense of urgency.

What positive learnings have you drawn from the last two years?

The real value of human connection. We all lead busy lives, and just making more time for each other can have a big impact. I also think the last 2 years have helped to put a bigger spotlight on our connection to nature and climate change. That has to be positive.

Have you re-evaluated any of your previously-held beliefs? Which, and how?

I think it’s made me realise just how vulnerable we are as a species. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, during a pandemic there’s no hiding place. So for me it’s created a new sense of urgency – to make the most of life.

Looking ahead, what would you like to do differently in future?

Avoid putting things off. Make plans for the weekend and stick to them, and think of new things to do, new places to visit. And I’m not talking about expensive things, it could just be a picnic in the countryside, a new place to explore, just something different. And of course do more to protect this wonderful planet – we’ve all got a responsibility.

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