Market research services

Sector experience

Over the years I’ve conducted B2B and B2C studies using qualitative and quantitative research across a wide variety of different sectors, many of these are listed below.

But very often it’s not the specific sector experience that I find most valuable. It’s the ability to cross-pollinate learnings and to see problems from differing perspectives.
I’m constantly learning from what is a happening around me and from those that are doing things well. As such, I can bring a fresh viewpoint to each new project.

  • Arts and leisure
  • Automotive and travel
  • Corporate real estate
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Flooring
  • FMCG
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Public sector, non-profits and charities
  • Retail
  • Technology and telecoms

Qualitative and quantitative research

Choosing the right methodology is the first step to ensuring that the research can deliver what’s needed. And in the most efficient way.
I’m not limited to one specific technique. Once I’ve understood exactly why a client needs research and what decisions they are looking to take, I’ll make recommendations for the best approach. I’ll explain why, and often propose more than one option, or a combination of approaches.
Below is a short summary of the main qualitative and quantitative methodologies I use.

  • Focus group discussions
  • Co-creation workshops
  • Depth interviews
  • Executive interviews
  • Ethnography and observation
  • Face to face interviews (eg in-home. In-store)
  • Phone interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Literature reviews
  • Market reviews and analysis


Covering B2B and B2C, there’s a number of project types where I have the greatest experience. These are summarised below.

  • Advertising and communications
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Brand 
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Concept testing
  • Customer experience
  • Emerging markets
  • New product development
  • Opportunity analysis and modeling
  • Packaging and design
  • Scenario building and trendspotting
  • Social research
  • Sustainability
  • Usage and attitude studies
'Steve is an excellent researcher. He has extensive international expertise and knowledge; skillfully translating business questions into research objectives and data into information to facilitate decision making. I highly value his understanding of the different needs and challenges of the business. He is able to bring fresh and insightful perspectives to the topics he investigates.'
Susanne Mundle
Marketing Director, Insights & Strategy EAAA, Interface